Reem Acra wedding dress

Reem Acra wedding gowns are the conception of Lebanese fashion designer Reem Acra, who started her career as a sewing artist. In the present day, her apply of embroidery and careful construction has turned into signatures in her collected works of elegant wedding dresses created for the enchanting and sophisticated bride. Reem Acra’s ready to wear and bridal collected works are carried by 150 of the world’s most fashionable wedding gown retailers.

Reem Acra’s designs symbolize worldwide glamour by offering women her instinctive fashion sense, European fashion and understanding of what looks and feels gorgeous. Interlaced with her sense of extravagance, her royal designs are developed with an up to date aesthetic. The ready to wear and bridal collected works suggest an ethereal feature, which appeals to a sharp clientele including personalities, sovereigns, and fashion setting women from the entire corners of the world.

A short stretch as an interior designer was gone after by Acra’s arrival to her fashion roots working in Hong Kong and New York. A fashion setting friend dressed in Acra’s first bridal design to her public wedding and it sparked global interest for the designer and Reem Acra Bridal was born. The wedding gowns became celebrated for transforming classic bridal designs throughout the finest silks, complicated beading and delicate embroidery.

Celebrated for her talent to match an appearance to a woman’s character, Acra has dressed worldwide icons of style for weddings, red carpet appearances and awards ceremonials. Her subsequent includes Angelina Jolie, Beyonce Knowles, Halle Berry, Eva Longoria Catherine and Zeta-Jones as well as royal families about the world. In 1997, Acra launched her style business with a bridal collected works that rapidly became recognized for its stylishness and impeccable designs. This achievement led to the opening of the Reem Acra ready to wear collected works six years later.

Korean wedding dress

Similar as Korean drama, charming, cute and graceful is the main mark of Korean wedding dress. So extra relative elements put in in the wedding gown, such as flower, and the attractive color or sweet ornament. Korean wedding gown has its own allure to show the youth and vivacity. It is for all time hot in Asia and be the fashion of wedding outfit.

Korean Wedding gowns have turned out to be very popular in America. There is a lot of who are looking for Korean wedding gown designers. If you are a Korean Wedding Dress seller makes sure they can discover you.

Korea fashion wedding dress, hot sale fluffy wedding gown in this season, which is created of lace and thread that lithe and flexible. Classic feathery design, sexy stomacher style and gorgeous flowers decorated in it. Faultless diamonds decorated in the waist and lofty waist design let you looked more wonderful, zipper and bandage in the backside help to adjust simply.  This is typical fluffy wedding dress that you do not desire to miss. Anyway, we believe you will like this cute wedding dress.

Korea style lace fluffy wedding gown, hot downy wedding outfit in Korea, which is created of high-quality satin, lace and organza that flexible and breathable. This is an uncomplicated style wedding dress, easy classic stomacher design and downy skirt. Delicate with diamonds periodically dotted the whole wedding dress. Lace in the float up of skirt and fluffy drawing let you like a princess. Slim waist style and bandage in the flipside help to adjust.

Korea style lovable wedding dress is the most recent Korean wedding gown in this season. It is made of good quality satin that comfy to dress. The biggest element of this wedding dress is the asymmetrical length of tail design, tiny in front and elongated in the back, and that prove your beautiful foot flawlessly.

Way to Show Your Back Beautifully In Wedding: Lace Back Wedding Dress

Back is what people rarely show beautifully from their clothes. They think that back has no charm to show their beauty. Actually, this thought is not good. Back is also able to show your beauty. Some people do not know the aim of wearing clothes with back is modified in some styles. Now, let you know that you back can be a good way to show how beautiful you are especially in your wedding. It is lace back wedding dress that you can wear for your wedding. This kind dress is designed with lace in back side of the dress. This kind attention draws beautiful look to the dress. If you usually find lace is added on the front side of the clothes, you will find it different for lace back wedding dress.

Lace on back side of the dress is aimed to wow everyone’s eyes. As you are turning your body and show your back, your guests will see that your back is eye-catching and beautiful. This is what we can call as double amazing look. Lace back wedding dress is designed beautiful in front and charming on the back. Sometimes, people do not know how to make their back look so beautiful for their wedding. Avoiding backless dress is a choice that they take when they are getting frustrated finding a good way to show their back. Since you find good way to show your back in lace back wedding dress, there is no word to say that back is not a good way to show your beauty. This is simple way for elegant look that you want.

Lace back wedding dress is an appropriate choice as you want to make your look both front and back are charming and beautiful. Simple way to show your back beautifully is not something hard today. There is lace back wedding dress you can wear to wow your look in your wedding.

Find Beautiful Slim Bride in A Line Wedding Dresses

Everyone wants to be as beautiful as possible, especially for women who are getting married. Be beautiful is their main concern this day. Want to make no one compares them, women who are getting married will do some treatment to make their look as beautiful as possible. But, it is not only about their body and face, women who are getting married will look for some wedding dresses to support their best look, is it right? Whatever your reason as women who are getting married, this is something really common done by all women in the world. Preparing for their best look is what they will do as best as possible. Burning fat in the body is also one of their program to look so passionately beautiful in their wedding. So, have you found your best wedding dress to support your look, women?

Look slim and beautiful in wedding is what all women want in their wedding. Now, you can show your beautiful look in front of many people by wearing a line wedding dress. Why it should be a line wedding dress? Let’s find the reason. A line wedding dress is dress which is able to draw your body nicely. As you have slim body, you will able to let everyone’s eyes keep on you in every step you take. Not only that, a line wedding dress is able to make you look more elegant and beautiful. Choosing the backless style is able to make your body looks more amazing because you are showing your elegant and sexy look together only in one dress. Besides backless, you are also good in neckless style and a line neck style. Those styles will draw your body so beautifully elegant and charming. Like a beautiful line, you are able to amaze everyone who comes to your wedding perfectly. Now, be the most beautiful bride ever!

Look Wow in Your Special Day Wearing Chic Casablanca Wedding Dresses

Seen beautiful in special day like wedding is a must. There is no one who wants to see bad for this one moment. Especially for bride, they want to look so charmingly beautiful in front of her groom and also all people who attend to wedding party. To look beautiful, bride will look for the best wedding dress that she able to wear in her special day. Since you have no time to search further wedding dress for your wedding, try to make it simple by finding good Casablanca wedding dresses as well. This is an alternative for beautiful look that you wanna show in your wedding.

When we are talking about wedding dress, it is about look and taste. Everyone has their taste and look depends on their personality. Casablanca wedding dress tries to give you a good way to make your look seen more beautiful in your day. With elegant and stunning look, this kind wedding dress will be not disappointed you. It will make you more satisfied with your best look in your wedding. Elegant is always dominant for wedding dress, but it is not only elegant that you need for beautiful look. Look chic and stylish, Casablanca will dress you up differently. It is not only elegance that you will find from your look, look charming and trendy are bonus from Casablanca wedding dress you will get simply.

For best look, women need to find good dress as their apparel to cover their body. Wedding dress is the way of what women do for their best look. Casablanca wedding dress is a part of what women can do for their wedding. Dressing up women beautifully, Casablanca wedding dress is not bad for good-looking performance that women need in their special day. Now, just be the most beautiful bride for your wedding with the best wedding dress on your body!

Cupcake wedding dress

Now we have a surprise post. This time it is not about wedding ceremony or wedding gown, but wedding cupcake. We were asked by the Mother of the Bride to offer the cake for the Bridal Shower. We are constantly looking for reasons to cook in the oven and as an eager bridesmaid we were pleased to contribute. The shower was out of town, so we needed a little that would be easy to bring, easy to serve, and good enough looking to overtake as semi professional.

After doing a tiny bit of research, we decided on something fresh, a pull apart cupcake cake in the form of a wedding dress. The online tutorials for pull apart cakes were easy. Cook cupcakes in the oven, place them in the desired shape, cover in icing, and garnish. So we went for a cake box, board, and idea. While we were there we found the strings of pearls and the charming accessory. We were at first thinking of using a band, but we think the pearls seem to be much better.

We baked several lemon cupcakes and started to display them into the shape of a wedding gown. We placed them on the cake board, to make sure we were not making the cake too large. It was a trial and error, which fascinated. We were struggling to obtain it just correct and took over, began from scratch, and came up with this. From there, we used a pat of icing to glue each cupcake in position. This was significant, if not the cupcakes would glide around during decorating and carrying.

Then we used a tip to make the flowers on each cupcake, starting from the center of each cupcake and working our way out. The explanation here was creating partly cover between cupcakes, so the whole cake was covered.


How to Be A Charming Snow White in Wedding by Winter Wedding Dresses

Do you know snow white? Snow white is a character in a story tale that has beautiful look and kind heart. Snow white is also the most beautiful women in that story. Even it is only character in a story tale, many people want to be a snow white for real. Women in general want to be a snow white in their wedding. They want to look so beautiful in their wedding even they have to stay in a cold weather. Yes, as we know that snow white closes to snow. And you know that snow is identical with winter season. As you are planning to hold your marriage in winter season, you can be a beautiful snow white in winter wedding dress. Being a snow white is not a dream which is hard to be expressed for real. Since you are facing your marriage, let’s find your beautiful winter dresses and get yourself changed into a beautiful princess like snow white. Just leave snow white for a while and we are talking about winter wedding dress more.

For winter, there is no other choice that we can take for beautiful look in wedding except winter wedding dress. Even it is winter, it does not mean you have to wear thick dress with warm accent around your neck like fur. You are still able to look so amazing like snow white with some winter wedding dresses which are designed so nicely elegant and beautiful. Winter wedding dress still allows you to find your best look in short dress or a line wedding dress. This is about what materials you gonna wear for your wedding dress. Different from summer, you may choose elegant winter wedding dress with sleeves. This kind wedding dress is able to escape you from cold weather. This kind wedding dress also closes to what snow white wear in that story. So, be detail to winter wedding dress is a must. Weather is should be your attention. Being snow white is also good for your references too.