Pnina wedding dresses

Pnina makes wedding dresses while she is dreaming, that is how she identifies accurately which fabrics she wants to apply and how the wedding dresses should appear. These dreamed up dresses turn out to be reality when they are hand sewn with fabrics straightforwardly imported from Europe. Pnina Tornai’s signature corsets are embroidered with Swarovski crystals and expensive stones. According to the New York Times the wedding dresses are considered vixenish. Even though this was said concerning her dresses she tries to create a wedding dresses that will work for all bride.

Pnina Tornai has a line of wedding dresses that are focused for Jewish and Muslim brides who are religious. She tries to get together the needs of the customer, which can be seen at the time in one episode of Say Yes to the Dress, she created a customized red wedding gown for an Indian bride, who was keeping custom in mind. Pnina’s 2013 bridal collected works was infused with flowery designs on the corsets, silk pantsuits and spaghetti strapped wedding dress that had scalloped hemlines. Every one of of these wedding gowns were inspired by the song La Vie en Rose, a love song, by Edith Piaf.

The wedding gowns in her 2013 bridal collected works are adorned with pearls. Pnina applied pearls as she recalls her late mother and grandmother always wearing pearls at the time they left the house. Pnina’s 2013 collected works consists of silk, satin, lace and is topped with pearls and jewels. This collected works is dedicated to her mother for the reason that, along with her grandmother, she recalls her mother for all time wearing pearls. Following the passing of her mother she was sadden and a friend helped her throughout by comparing tears to pearls, thus the thought for this collected works came. The collected works is based on tears of bliss, which translates to pearls of enjoyment for a bride on her wedding day.