Carolyn Bessette Wedding Dress

Carolyn Bessette and John F. Kennedy Jr. got married Oct. 9, 1996, on Cumberland Island, Georgia. Their wedding was secretive and secret in an attempt to avoid the media. Carolyn’s wedding dress was designed by Narciso Rodriguez. Bessette will for all time be remembered for her modest, minimalist style, and her wedding dress was no exclusion. Her plain bias-cut silk cover, designed by Narciso Rodriguez, then an almost unidentified upstart, set the bar for simple, stylish wedding gown.

Bessette graduated from Boston University. After college, she worked as a sales woman at the Calvin Klein store in Boston prior to being moved to the company headquarters in New York, where she worked as a publicist and got together John F. Kennedy, Jr.. The couple turned out to be a popular paparazzi object, with rumor columns detailing where they ate and shopped and even covering the opinion they had.

Bessette asked close friend, and the unknown designer, Narciso Rodriguez to drawing the gown she wore to wed John F. Kennedy Jr in 1996. The resulting uncomplicated bias-cut silk dress launched his career—and emended her position as a new fashion icon. Armchair Freudians have also noted the a lot of similarities between Ms. Bessette-Kennedy, as she has selected to be called, and Mr. Kennedy’s well-known mother, the late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Since her marriage to John F. Kennedy Jr., Carolyn Bessette has been eagerly described as the gorgeous and intelligent new Queen of Camelot. Interviews with friends and previous colleagues make known a more familiar young woman, a child of wealthy suburbia, with less attention in academics than in business district clubs, whose amazing looks, cleverness and ambition propelled her fast upward through the mode industry in New York.

Similar the image-conscious Mrs. Onassis, who heading for her designer, Oleg Cassini, to make the look of pillbox hats and boxy suits that turned out to be her trademark as First Lady, Ms. Bessette-Kennedy, 30, worked intimately for months with her designer and had two de rigueur couture fittings in Paris of three hours each one to produce the wedding dress estimated at $40,000 that she wore in the tumbledown church on Cumberland Island off the coast of Georgia when she married. It was a very luxurious dress, said her friend and designer, Narciso Rodriguez of the Design House of Nino Cerutti, who created his pearl-colored silk crepe design a present to the bride.