Cupcake wedding dress

Now we have a surprise post. This time it is not about wedding ceremony or wedding gown, but wedding cupcake. We were asked by the Mother of the Bride to offer the cake for the Bridal Shower. We are constantly looking for reasons to cook in the oven and as an eager bridesmaid we were pleased to contribute. The shower was out of town, so we needed a little that would be easy to bring, easy to serve, and good enough looking to overtake as semi professional.

After doing a tiny bit of research, we decided on something fresh, a pull apart cupcake cake in the form of a wedding dress. The online tutorials for pull apart cakes were easy. Cook cupcakes in the oven, place them in the desired shape, cover in icing, and garnish. So we went for a cake box, board, and idea. While we were there we found the strings of pearls and the charming accessory. We were at first thinking of using a band, but we think the pearls seem to be much better.

We baked several lemon cupcakes and started to display them into the shape of a wedding gown. We placed them on the cake board, to make sure we were not making the cake too large. It was a trial and error, which fascinated. We were struggling to obtain it just correct and took over, began from scratch, and came up with this. From there, we used a pat of icing to glue each cupcake in position. This was significant, if not the cupcakes would glide around during decorating and carrying.

Then we used a tip to make the flowers on each cupcake, starting from the center of each cupcake and working our way out. The explanation here was creating partly cover between cupcakes, so the whole cake was covered.


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