5 secrets of wedding make-up

Charming of youth, freshness, beauty and personal charm should radiate from bride’s face. But nobody should guess that such beauty is created with the help of cosmetics and hairdresser’s craft. What are the secrets of wedding make-up for everybody to think such beauty is natural?

The first secret. Curl eyelashes before your remarkable day with the help of eyelash curler or use eyelash extensions at a beauty salon. One of these means makes your eyes eloquent and sweep your beloved one off his feet.

The second secret. Choose cosmetics carefully. You are to be sure that your make-up will not smear: eye shadow will not come off, mascara will not run and make-up foundation will not smear because of hot weather. So if you decide to apply make-up by yourself, you should buy high quality cosmetic items beforehand.

The third secret. If you have any rash or spots on your skin, they should be masked. Thick make-up foundation of rust shade hides dark circles under eyes. Red spots easily vanish with the help of green concealer and usual make-up foundation applied over it.

The fourth secret. Lipstick is main component of charming wedding make-up. While choosing lipstick, draw your attention to several things: color of eye shadow and rouge, your color of hair and shade of skin. For example, bright dark-haired girls should use lipstick of red shades, blondes should use delicate shades and dark blondes may try colorless lip-gloss to underline their natural appearance.

The fifth secret. Choose eye shadow with slight glimmering effect of three colors to gain volume effect. The darkest color of eye shadows should be slightly applied to outer corner of eyes, medium one – to center part of eyelids and the lighter eye shadow – to inner corner and arch of eyes. All three colors should merge into each other for delicate and neat make-up.

Be irresistible!