African bridal dresses as a part of wedding tradition

African American bridal dresses can rightly get a reputation of the most miracle ones. And it’s really not by accident. African continent is one of the most exotic places in the world. There are a lot of ceremonies and traditions which present in all the areas of life. Wedding tradition is not an exception. There are some own traditions at the different part of the continent. It depends on the religion, national issues of the people, geographical position, etc. At the different part of Africa there can be some specific things, which characterize the particular region and at the same time there are some traditions which are common for the whole country.

While preparing to the wedding ceremony, the most attention should be paid to the bridal dress, of course. Why? Because here the bride has plenty of variants and can choose from authentic African bridal dress with its own required features to more common, European one. But African dresses are as unique as the bride herself. Interesting fact is that every African bridal dress is custom-made. It has nothing to do with the status in the society or welfare of the particular family, it’s more like common approach – a lot of clothing in Arica is custom-made and bridal dresses is not an exception.

Of course, Western culture has made its influence and some things have been changed in the traditional African wedding attire. Not very often nowadays you find really authentic African wedding dress, but dresses which are preferred by African brides now are still made in a distinctive style which allows distinguish them among other ones. They can have symbols, some prints or insertion of precious stones or Swarovski elements. It’s important to mention that authentic African wedding attire has more color and less uniform in comparison with usual European or American ones.

As for the colors, bridal dress can have the shades of sky and earth. Wedding outfits are very often created form the same fabric for both – bride and groom. It adds more harmony to the whole ceremony. To complete our story, it’s absolutely necessary to say several words about the groom’s attire. Even if he does not wear wedding dress, but he has his own attire, unique outfit. Wedding suit for groom in Africa usually consists of tunic, jacket and some original headpiece. But interesting thing is that right after wedding ceremony the groom changes his wedding clothes to the woman’s one. By now, the origin of this rite is not identified, but they say that it lets the groom showing to the others that the wife is his second half and he understands and appreciates her a lot. Indispensable attribute of African wedding are flowers. They are used for wedding ceremony decoration as well as in the wedding couple’s outfits.

So, now we’re quite familiar with the main African wedding features and traditions as well as with images of bride and groom. This will give us clearer understanding what to expect if we have invitation for African wedding.

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